Activate your Greek

Facts about the book
Title: Activate your Greek by Gavalas Publications
ISBN: 978-960-9702-01-0
Pages: 185
Target group: Novice - Intermediate
Language: Greek, Descriptions in English
Price: Book: €19, CD-ROM: €14, PDF: €12

This book is primarily intended for self- study of the Greek language. The concept is to broaden, consolidate and streamline the knowledge that has accumulated in a random and very often confusing way and stir up the reader’s interest to keep on reading. A smattering of Greek is a prerequisite for using this book and taking the most out of it. It can also be put to good use by regular students of Greek as a foreign language at an upper- intermediate to advanced level as additional material on grammar, vocabulary and language usage, as an activity book.

Activate your Greek consists of the following parts:

1) Exercise book: The exercises are organized in units that deal with different grammatical phenomena or combinations of related ones. After the serial number of each exercise there are a number of stars that denotes the level of difficulty of the respective exercise. The reader is strongly advised to regard this work as a reference book, a handbook of everyday Greek, rather as a course book, that you read following the pagination.

2) Key

3) Notes: This part contains the rubrics as well as the difficult and confusing words and expressions translated in English.

4) Grammar: This is a concise Basic Greek Grammar presenting the rudiments of the formulaic background of the language arranged in a tabular manner.
The authors, both experienced private tutors and language school owners, have aspired to a work that goes beyond the bounds of a practice book and constitutes a recreational piece of reading.

Antony L. Gavalas and Lazaros A. Gavalas


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